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The objective of these consultancies is to strengthen the capacity of youth organizations in Kiambu County to effectively participate in the county PEM cycle with the view of influencing effective implementation quality service delivery. YAK has begun to carefully study existing networks of CSOs working on good governance in Kiambu County. In Kiambu, there are different groups working in various sectors, but there is not one overall coordinating body. To cure this, and enable the networks to thrive and mobilize positive contributions to good governance, the intervention will support to undertake capacity assessment and the development of an operational plan for the networks. The assessment data will be used to capacity building and networking plan for the networks on county oversight and accountability. The project shall then use this plan to strengthen skills of the networks to organize the citizens to engage meaningfully in the county PEM cycle during the legislation, planning, and budgeting as well as to conduct oversight interventions during the implementation of the legislation, development plans, and budgets.

Youth Alive! Kenya (YAK) under the project ‘Tuendelee Kushirikisha Jamii’, therefore is seeking the services of  consultants to strengthen the Kiambu County CSOs network. See  the TORs below:

PDF Terms of References – PEM Training

PDF Terms of References – ICT Training

PDF Terms of reference for CSO networking

Qualified and interested individuals should submit their application to hr@youthalivekenya.org cc to; info@youthalivekenya.org.  Indicate in the subject line of the application email EOI number 003/2019 to reach YAK on or before July 9th August 2019 by CoB.

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  • Janet Kitukuyu Says:
    October 5, 2018 08:46:38

    we ,the youth should raise our voices on poverty eradication in our country kenya thru' Agriculture.


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