SPA II Project – Impact Story

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Strategic Objective 1

Priorities Captured In The County Integrated Development Plan 2023-2027

In 2022, 12 young urban women participated in a capacity-building training program under Strategic Partnership Agreement Phase II (SPA II) project in partnership with ActionAid International Kenya to empower them to become community leaders. The training covered a range of topics, including social accountability, budget-making processes, community-led participatory plans and public participation, and emergency response.

After the training, the young urban women felt more confident, informed, and empowered to take control of their lives and demand their rights. They also developed their leadership and advocacy skills and started to raise awareness and mobilize other women in their community to come out and demand their rights. The women were eager to put their new skills and knowledge into practice. Therefore, they developed a memorandum and submitted it to the Nairobi City County to demand improved in gender-responsive public service through the memo and submitted it to the Nairobi City County to demand well-resourced public services and programmes, especially around social protection.  The memorandum mentioned focused on improving the drainage and sewer lines in their community, as they recognized that poor drainage was causing flooding and waterborne diseases. They also identified a need for improved security, proper lighting, and a better response to fire emergencies. On 17th November 2022, the Young urban women presented their demands to their respective local ward administrators to ensure that the priorities identified were included in the Community Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) for 2023-2027. They advocated for increased funding for infrastructure development and emergency response services. The women also helped to demand the installation of new streetlights and security cameras, which would make the community safer and more secure especially for women small-scale traders. In addition, the women were instrumental in advocating for training on disaster management and safer especially for young people as a priority in the CIDP 2023-2027 which improved the community’s ability to respond to fire emergencies. They also demanded a 24-hour public facility in California ward, meant to provide residents with access to emergency health services around the clock. The Nairobi County government, on 27th February 2023, conducted a public participation forum for validation of the 2023-2027 County Integrated Development Plan and 2022/2023 financial year County Fiscal Strategy Paper. During the session, the young urban women confirmed that indeed, the priorities that they had identified and submitted during the CIDP development last year had been included in the CIDP public participation draft document. This is a success since it paves way for the allocation of financial resources in the subsequent annual development plans for the next 5 years.

Strategic Objective 3

School Feeding Program

On 7th November 2022, we provided food items such as beans, porridge, rice, and milk to 280 pupils at Pumwani Child Survival Education Centre. The food items were used to feed 280 pupils in the school. We also donated 11 sanitary kit cartoons to 130 girls to ensure they stay in school throughout the day.

Pumwani Child Survival Education center community school

As a result of the school feeding initiative, Strategic Partnership Agreement Phase II project is celebrating a new milestone after successfully advocating for the Pumwani Child Survival Education Center community school to attain proper sanitation. While using the #savechildsurvivalschool, and Twitter digital advocacy the school has been transformed from a community to a public school with better sanitation and equipped with a healthier environment. The poor condition of the school was brought to public attention by young women and social movements like Activista through social media. They shared images of the run-down classrooms and toilets, while also tagging relevant departments and ministries, including the county Department of education. Furthermore, online radio and television channels and popular blog websites with large followings on their social media and web pages shared the story.

Consequently, different stakeholders came together to repair the toilets. The photos below demonstrate the condition of the toilets before and after the intervention.




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