Tushirikishe Jamii

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“Tuendelee Kushirikisha Jamii” was a youth governance project in Kiambu County that was implemented by Youth Alive! Kenya in partnership with Kiambu County Empowerment Network (KCEN).  The project received financial support from United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through Agile and Harmonized Assistance for Devolved Institutions (AHADI) with a goal of improving representation of citizen interests and oversight over targeted County Government Performance.


The project sought to address the following problems 1) Inadequate knowledge on county PEM cycle among the young people. 2) Inaccessible PEM documents by the young people 3) Apathy among the young people: 4) Inadequate coordination among the youth organizations: The young people in Kiambu were not well coordinated and networked and rarely participated in the PEM cycle processes and lacked advocacy strategies on how to engage and influence the county government to address their problems.

The project objectives included: 1) To strengthen capacity of youth and youth organizations in Kiambu County to effectively participate in the county PEM 2) To strengthen the capacity of youth to effectively participate and influence County Government processes. The following approaches were adopted during implementation 1) Use of platforms like youth social formation, religious institutions, use of mainstream and social media and national government forums such as [1]barazas and use of budget cycle infograph  for civic education 2)Social accountability by use of community scorecard, media advocacy, sector based approaches such as roads, water and education, and Ward based fora that initiated dialogue between the community and their leaders

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