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Kenya hosts a large refugee population, with over 650,000 registered refugees and asylum seekers. Most reside in camps like Dadaab, which houses over 275,000 people, and Kakuma, home to more than 280,000 individuals. The majority of these refugees come from Somalia and South Sudan. Additionally, urban areas like Nairobi have seen a rise in the urban refugee population, with approximately 95,000 refugees and asylum seekers living in these settings. The demographic makeup of refugees in Kenya is fluid, influenced by voluntary repatriation, shifts in government policies, and initiatives aimed at improving living conditions. Nairobi’s informal settlements, such as Majengo, also house a notable number of refugees, though specific demographic details are not readily available. These refugees face challenges similar to those of other informal settlement residents, including limited access to shelter, infrastructure, and healthcare.

Our Partnership with Refugee-Led Organizations

Our collaboration with Relon Kenya has been instrumental in expanding the reach and impact of our initiatives focused on menstrual hygiene and women’s empowerment for refugees. To ensure the effectiveness of our programs, we conduct thorough needs assessments to identify the specific challenges faced by refugee women and girls. Based on these assessments, we design tailored programs that include educational sessions and the distribution of dignity kits, all with a strong emphasis on cultural sensitivity. Together with Relon Kenya, we delivered dignity kits to 200 refugee women and girls in Nairobi’s most vulnerable areas, such as Eastleigh and Majengo. These settlements lack access to sanitary products, and our program addressed this critical need for refugees facing displacement and limited resources. Our initiative provided practical support and contributed to the psychological and emotional well-being of the recipients by offering a safe space for discussions about menstruation.

This collaboration serves as a model for effective humanitarian partnerships, enhancing our collective ability to address the unique challenges faced by marginalized populations. Through these efforts, we aim to improve the quality of life and empower refugee women and girls in Kenya. For more information on our programs or to get involved, please contact us.


We invite you to join hands with us in making a difference in the lives of young people and the future of our society.

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