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Good governance and human rights are mutually reinforcing. Human rights principles provide a set of values to guide the work of governments and other political and social actors. Links between good governance and human rights can be organized around four areas: democratic institutions which create avenues for public participation, quality service delivery, respect to the rule of law and promotion of good governance. Although the current constitutional framework emphasizes citizen participation in governance processes at all levels, the constituency of the youth has remained at the periphery and their needs and aspirations have not been accorded due recognition. In particular, the youth lack direct access to institutional systems and structures necessary for participation. Consequently, the youth are further marginalized as policies and programs hardly address their real needs and priorities.

While the enactment of the National Youth Council Act (2009) and the formulation of the National Youth Policy aimed at creating structures for youth participation in governance, not much progress has been realized. The National Youth Policy is yet to be adopted by the County Governments.

Strategic Objective: expand and sustain the democratic space in Kenya by advocating for a strong institutional framework and enhancing the capacity of the citizenry in democracy and good governance

  1. Specific Outcomes:
    1. Increased knowledge on the principles of democratic participatory governance among the youths
    2. Increased agitation for space in national dialogue and action around democracy and development
    3. Effective participation of young people especially young women in public policy, engaged governance and national development
    4. Increased mainstreaming of young people’s priorities and concerns into the development agenda at both county and national levels
    5. Efficient delivery of quality services and effective utilization of public resources in line with mutually identified local and national priorities

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