Why we are excited about the #NairobiYouthPolicy

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The #NairobiYouthPolicy was launched on 8th February 2022 at City Hall. As ardent proponents of the policy, we are delighted that the county government is committing through this framework to engage the Nairobi youth in addressing issues they grapple with.

We have been part of the initiation, development and launch of this policy as members of the technical working group. This was alongside PAWA254, Volunteer Services Overseas – Kenya, Volunteer Involving Organizations Society Kenya, Youth in Action, Horn of Africa Youth Network, Plan International – Kenya, Clivios Organization and Ujana na Ujuzi and other partners.

The launch event was attended by a number of state and non-state actors i.e the Nairobi county government, civil society organizations and young people from across Nairobi. It was officiated by H.E Ann Kananu, the Governor of the Nairobi City County and Hon. Janet M. Ouko, County Executive Committee Member, Education, Youth, Sports, Gender & Social Services.

The policy identifies 12 priority areas :

1. Skills Development and Employment:

 To address the mismatch of skills and labour demands in the county.

2. Enterprise Development Initiatives:

To address the need for an entrepreneurship ecosystem conducive for youth to start, grow,

their businesses.

3. Health and Wellbeing:

To address the health and wellbeing issues of young people in Nairobi i.e the spread of HIV, new cancer, access to reproductive health, non-communicable diseases, drug abuse and mental health.

4. Environment Management for Sustainable Development:

To engage youth in addressing the rampant degradation of the environment in the city.

5. Patriotism and Volunteerism:

To harness the skills, time and energy of Nairobi youth for the socio-economic and political development of the county.

6. Leadership, Participation and Representation:

“To close the gaps of youth inclusion, participation and engagement in the implementation of this policy.”

7. Safe Spaces for Youth:

To create platforms for youths’ talent development and creative expression, sports, recreation and more.

8. Identification and Development of Talent and Creativity:

To tap into the creative economy in Nairobi to benefit the young people of Nairobi.

9. ICT and Innovation:

To support youth innovation and engagement in ICT in order to create employment opportunities.

10. Drugs and Substance Abuse:

“To prevent, mitigate, against drug and substance abuse, treat and rehabilitate to restore

the wellbeing of youth who are affected.”

11. Crime and Peace Building:

“To engage the youth in promoting peace and secure crime-free neighbourhoods.”

12. Radicalization and Prevention of Violent Extremism:

“To address and tackle the causes of radicalization and violent extremist views in an effort to reduce the pool of radicalized youth.”

The policy recommends the following interventions

  • 2% budget allocation of the annual county budget to facilitate youth programs
  • Establishment of the Youth Advisory Committee
  • Establishment a County Youth Revolving Enterprise Fund accessible at sub-county level
  • Development  and implementation of  a labour market information system (MIS) to provide youth with real-time information on employment opportunities
  • Establishment and equipment of  One-Stop Youth information centres for skill building
  • Empowerment of  youth as environment ambassadors across the county
  • Establishment of a Nairobi County Youth Service
  • Establishment, rehabilitation, and equipment of youth safe spaces in all Sub-counties
  • Budgetary allocation for more youth-focused research on peace and crime prevention by the Nairobi City County.

What happens next?

Following the due legislative process, the policy will be drafted into a bill and tabled to the county assembly of Nairobi City county for approval, debate, assessment and gazettement to an Act.

We are looking forward to seeing this policy morph into an Act.

Read the final policy draft here: https://nairobi.go.ke/downloads/

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