Person of The Month: Emmanuel Kiptoo Ng’olepus

Youth Alive! Kenya - May 24, 2023 - 1 comment

Who is Emmanuel?

“I am Emmanuel Kiptoo Ng’olepus, the founder and Executive Director of Pads 4 Education. Professionally, I am a sexual reproductive health champion, water and health budget champion, human rights defender, and an active citizen. I am also the treasurer of Youth Alive’s West Pokot County Working Group. Pads 4 Education is one of the organizations operating under this working group.”

Tell us about Pads 4 Education.

“Pads 4 Education is a community-based organization that was formed in August 2022 after the PARTICIPATE! National Conference in Naivasha, thanks to Youth Alive Kenya. Our organization focuses on ending period poverty and stigma by providing sanitary towels to underprivileged schoolgirls in West Pokot County. We also educate students and the general public on menstrual hygiene. In addition, we advocate for sexual reproductive health, the eradication of Female Genital Mutilation, Gender-Based Violence, Forced Marriage, Child Marriage, and other harmful cultural practices. Our efforts also extend to environmental conservation and empowering young mothers.”

What challenges have you faced in this work as a young leader?

“It hasn’t been an easy journey. The registration process for Pads 4 Education presented its own set of challenges, and convincing others to join and support our cause has been an ongoing struggle. Moreover, facing stigma from the community due to the perception that periods are solely a girls’ and women’s issue has been another obstacle to overcome.”

What are your proudest achievements as a young leader?

“Establishing Pads 4 Education stands out as my proudest achievement. Additionally, we have successfully formed a partnership with the Zanne Ndunge Foundation, enabling us to distribute 1,000 sanitary towels to 300 girls and educate over 2,000 individuals about menstrual hygiene.”

What has it taken to achieve your success? What advice would you give to other young leaders trying to build organizations?

“Perseverance has been vital throughout the process of realizing my dreams and goals. It has also played a crucial role in building trust and forming friendships. Trusting oneself, respecting others, cultivating good friendships, and fostering synergies are key elements in the process of building and running organizations. My advice to other young leaders is to hold onto these principles tightly as they work towards building their own organizations.”

Parting shot?

“Periods are beautiful, and it’s our time as youths to make our world a better place.”

Find more about Emmanuel’s Work on Twitter: @Kiptoo024

Pads 4 Education’s Twitter: @Pads4Education

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  1. Yvonne Ogollah

    Hii Imeenda.
    Well Done Ng’olepus.
    Super MHM Champion

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