My PARTICIPATE! Story: Evelynne Ndungu

Youth Alive! Kenya - June 27, 2022 - 1 comment

We held the PARTICIPATE! National conference from 13th to 17th June 2022 bringing together participants from our member organizations from 11 counties. This is the very first activity under our PARTICIPATE! project in partnership with YETT (Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust) from Zimbabwe and DUF (Danish Youth Council) from Denmark.  

The PARTICIPATE! International  Conference will held in October and will bring together participants from Members organizations in Kenya (Y.A.K), Zimbabwe (YETT), and Denmark (DUF) to foster cross-country learning,  networking, development of partnerships and co-creation of change projects and activities that qualify for funding form the DUFs (Danish Youth Council) international pool. 

PARTICIPATE! promotes a democratic civil society where young people act as change agents that take part in decision-making processes and influence politics and developmental efforts.

In this write-up, Evelynne Ndungu, a participant, reflects on the 3-day event and what she learned.

“Amazing, incredible, participative, inclusive, eye-opening, teamwork, informative, and interactive are some of the words I would use to describe the PARTICIPATE National Conference that was held at the Pelican Lodge in Elementaita.

I got to learn more about Youth Alive Kenya, DUFF & YETT having been the first time our CBO, Free a Girls’ World Network, had the honour of attending such programs organized by Youth Alive! Kenya. I had the opportunity to interact with young people from 11 counties who are doing incredible things in the community.

Experience-sharing was one of my highlights. I got to know how various organizations run their programs and I was challenged and learned so much which will be replicated in our organization.

The CALL TO ACTION was also a highlight whereby we came up with action plans that we would implement in our various working groups in the various counties across the country.

We formed great networks and I hope together we will do great things in future in our various organizations.

The team-building session was a breath of fresh air. It was amazing. It was crafted with activities that went hand in hand with what happens in our organizations. The games were built on communication skills, teamwork, how to think outside the box and be innovative, etc.

Kudos to Youth Alive! Kenya for bringing life-changing programs that empower and impact the community.”

-Evelynne Ndungu, Free a Girls World Network

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  1. Alvine Usaji

    The conference was really a learning platform whereby I got more other working groups that are in the country.

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