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We held the PARTICIPATE! National conference from 13th to 17th June 2022 bringing together participants from our member organizations from 11 counties. This is the very first activity under our PARTICIPATE! project in partnership with YETT (Youth Empowerment and Transformation Trust) from Zimbabwe and DUF (Danish Youth Council) from Denmark.  

The PARTICIPATE! International  Conference will be held in October and will bring together participants from Members organizations in Kenya (Y.A.K), Zimbabwe (YETT), and Denmark (DUF) to foster cross-country learning,  networking, development of partnerships and co-creation of change projects and activities that qualify for funding form the DUFs (Danish Youth Council) international pool. 

PARTICIPATE! promotes a democratic civil society where young people act as change agents that take part in decision-making processes and influence politics and developmental efforts.

In this write-up, David Mungai, a participant, reflects on the 3-day event and what he learned.

“The PARTICIPATE! National Conference was a refreshing experience.  The conference was a platform for the member organizations of Youth Alive! Kenya to learn about democratic processes like budget-making and strengthening their fundraising mechanisms. It also provided an opportunity for cross-learning among organizations.

I am from Nairobi, Kenya. Most of the youth organizations I got to interact with were from counties as far as West Pokot. Some of the initiatives they ran include girl child empowerment, sexual and reproductive health rights (SRHR), talent development, environmental conservation and life skills. 

David a.k.a MC Kim speaking at the conference

I learnt the importance of institutional leadership strengthening, and the importance of conducting  SWOT ( Strength, Weakness,  Opportunities and Threats) analysis of an organization as a way of understanding its stability.  I also learnt about partnership—how to identify partners and the difference between collaboration and partnership.

We are using the skills acquired from the conference to grow our resilience and utilize every opportunity that we have as a youth-serving organization.”

David Kimani Mungai


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