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Youth Alive! Kenya - July 10, 2021 - 0 comments

Youth contribute to the development of a Nation. We the youth are the majority in Kenya based on Housing Survey, 2019 report. This then means, we are a key stakeholder in driving the agenda of development. To realize the plans drafted and implemented, youth will still remain to be a key player. However, we fail to maximize our potential of numbers due to insufficient knowledge in how we can organize our networks to be more effective and responsive.

The place of social formation cannot be ignored as it reflects the higher levels of formations. This includes but is not limited to, management of business and people. How stable our structures are will determine how productive the outputs will look like. With the socio-economic and political restructuring due to Covid-19, Youth Alive! Kenya saw it is wise to plan this workshop as a covid-19 response at this time. This was also a follow-up training of last year’s Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA) and training areas requested by the Member Organizations.

Key objectives of the session were to:

  • Build the capacity of MOs in organizational development that will translate to the efficient flow of functions within their social formations
  • Equip them with relevant knowledge and skills on effective advocacy and lobbying for change
  • Enhance their capacities of resource mobilization, Building coalitions and networks

The three days training targeted the twelve (12) MOs with five members’ representatives totalling sixty (60). The training was scheduled in four cohorts as a safety measure against the virus. Not only did the training built their capacities but, provide the space for them to socialize, share the experiences after the sessions, and provided Y.A.K. quality time to interact with the Member Organizations.

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