Women Economic Empowerment -Supporting women small scale traders in Kibera, Kawangware and Korogocho

Youth Alive! Kenya - March 5, 2021 - 0 comments

In a survey published by UNDP, it was established that :

  • women tend to earn less.
  • women have fewer savings.
  • women are disproportionately more in the informal economy.
  • women have less access to social protection.
  • women are more likely to be burdened with unpaid care and domestic work, and therefore have to drop out of the labour force
  • women make up the majority of single-parent households

It is with this regard that YAK! has partnered with OXFAM Kenya to implement a special project “Women Economic Empowerment” is supporting small scale businesses owned by women that were affected by the COVID19 pandemic.

The project seeks to build the resilience of women small scale traders in informal sectors in Nairobi(Kibera, Korogocho and Kawangware). The project has Identified  360 women grouped in 4 categories namely; groceries, hotel, cereals and the sale of general commodities. The women are trained in business management i.e planning and budgeting, saving, debt management and record keeping. Upon completion of the training, they get small grants to support and boost their businesses.





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