​YAK Commemorates 20 Years: Wears a New Face

Youth Alive! Kenya - September 3, 2020 - 0 comments

It was double celebration at Youth Alive! Kenya (YAK) on August 28th 2020 as it commemorated 20 years of serving young people and youth in Kenya and beyond. The event was marked by a brand new website and logo. In attendance was, the co-founder of YAK, George Kogolla who said that YAK started as a Community Based Organisation (CBO) in 1999 and passed through dark phases through its early stages. However, it gained momentum with other youth organisations and was recognised by the United Nations (UN) and African Union(AU). Kagolla shared his belief that if youths are given space, they can be able to deliver accordingly.

The current Executive Director, Mr Dennis Mungo also attended the event and emphasised that youths need to come together to create one voice for meaningful change. Mungo further said that his mission is to rally and support young people beginning from it’s working groups specifically through it’s strategic plan. The event was graced by a wonderful panel that consisted represenattives from some of its donors, partner organisations, board members as well as representatives from it’s Member Organizations (MOs).

YAK has successfully implemented over 50 projects in more than 11 counties across Kenya. You can watch the entire session here.

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