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Creating an inclusive and prosperous society

Youth Alive! Kenya (YAK) is a national youth-led non-governmental organization that exists to promote the wellbeing and inclusion of young people in development through partnerships, capacity building, and advocacy. It aims to create a society where young people are empowered to realize their full potential.

What We Do

Good Governance & Human Rights

We promote good governance and effective participation and inclusion of young people.

Economic Empowerment and Livelihoods

We enhance the skills and capacities of young people to promote sustainable and decent livelihoods.

Social Wellbeing and Equity

We promote the wellbeing and gender equity of young people in society.

Recent YAK Projects

Women Economic Empowerment and Care project  (We-Care)

Women Economic Empowerment and Care project (We-Care)

WE-Care's overall goal is to reignite progress on gender equality by addressing the largest, least-recognized factor preventing women to reach their full potential…

Youth Alive! Kenya February 24, 2023
Kisumu ICON - Youth Work Readiness

Kisumu ICON - Youth Work Readiness

After several months of hard work conducting research about how to enhance youth work readiness in Kisumu, Kenya; Youth Excel's Issue-Based Collaborative Network…

Youth Alive! Kenya February 22, 2023
Strategic Partnership Agreement II(SPAII).

Strategic Partnership Agreement II(SPAII).

SPA 's overall objective is: "Young people, especially women, and marginalised people enjoy fundamental rights through improved access to well-resourced programmes…

Youth Alive! Kenya February 17, 2023

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Join the Cause & Partner with Us

We can join hands to save and improve thousands of children & youth’s lives with research, skilled teams, education and emergency care

Stories from partners, volunteers and program beneficiaries

`` I’m impressed by the number of youth who attended today’s forum and wish to encourage you to continue engaging in this manner that is very meaningful. ``

— MCA, Karuri Ward during KII

`` YAK was of great help in sharing information on upcoming public participation schedules through their Trainer of Trainers. I can confidently share that the overall turn-out and meaningful engagement has increased phenomenally. ``

— Director of Public Participation

Latest Articles

WORLD FOREST DAY: Youth for Forests and Health

WORLD FOREST DAY: Youth for Forests and Health

Young people are critical in the future use and management of trees, woodlots, forests and general local greenspaces and their involvement is pivotal. Firstly, young…

Youth Alive! Kenya March 16, 2023
International Women's Day: More Than Just A Symbolic Celebration

International Women's Day: More Than Just A Symbolic Celebration

While it is important to appreciate the importance of celebrating IWD, it is also critical to understand that real change for women takes ongoing action throughout…

Youth Alive! Kenya March 9, 2023
Leveraging ICT for good : Frankline Ojiambo

Leveraging ICT for good : Frankline Ojiambo

I was an award winner of the Entrepreneurship World Cup Kenya National competition 2021, winner of the Stories of Change Competition 2021 from Gov junction in the…

Youth Alive! Kenya February 23, 2023

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