By Linda Nasimiyu – Y.A.K

2020 will go down in history as the year that brought the whole world to a standstill. The pandemic affected all aspects of our lives including the global economy and our societies in general. We had to embrace a new norm that resulted in banning public gatherings like; churches, political rallies, and educational institutions. People had to wear masks in public and sanitize as often as they can. Every day, numbers of positive cases increased with the world reporting fatalities at an alarming rate. Poverty, famine, lack of proper sanitation, and healthcare systems that are not up to standard are some of the issues this pandemic exposes.

Coronavirus is a threat to us all. We may not all be infected but we are all affected in one way or the other. Even with our efforts to protect our loved ones, the virus is spreading rapidly and the most vulnerable in society are at a greater risk. Communities without access to proper sanitation due to lack of clean water are at risk of detrimental effects as they also lack proper healthcare systems. If we do not act in time and work together the virus could wipe off millions rendering the world’s population extremely poor.

Currently, Youth Alive! Kenya is part of the fight against the virus not only internally but also externally. Internally, the team was divided into groups; we had two different teams coming to the office on alternate days if need be. However, when the Government announced a lock down and the 8pm curfew, we opted to working from home. It was safer to have online engagements with our staff rather than reporting to the office daily and risking their lives. We also provide masks and sanitizers to our employees. Our offices are well ventilated and spacious enough. This allows us to practice social distancing when we need to work in the office.

On Wednesday March 3rd 2021, Kenya received 1.02 million doses of the Astra Zeneca-Oxford COVID-19 vaccine. The Ministry of Health deployed a vaccination plan that kicked off in national referral hospitals, selected private health facilities and one nominated health facility per county with frontline health workers and essential staff being the first lot to be given priority. The elderly are also being given priority during the first phase of the vaccination process.

 Youth Alive! Kenya would like to encourage all Kenyans to take the vaccine as a way of effectively preventing the spread of COVID-19 and boosting their immune system. We advise that you visit your local district hospital and find out more about where to get the vaccine from. However, we highly recommend adherence to the already set guidelines such as social distancing, wearing of masks, maintaining proper hygiene and avoiding overcrowded areas. Together we can fight this pandemic.

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