Livelihoods and Employment


Decent Work and Labor Rights

Decent Work and Labor Rights

Introduction The Decent Work and Labor Rights Program in East Africa-Phase II, also Known as the Jipe Job Poa, is...

Youth Alive! Kenya May 4, 2020
Kenya National Youth Policy

Kenya National Youth Policy

In conjunction with the Youth Division under the Department of Social Services (currently the Ministry of Youth Affairs) and GTZ,...

Youth Alive! Kenya October 5, 2019

Global Kids – Community Connectors Project

This project’s goal was to expose high-performing, disadvantaged American students aged 15-17 to the global world with their Kenyan counterparts...

Youth Alive! Kenya September 5, 2019

Tackling Poverty Together

This project’s objective was to inculcate a youth perspective in poverty reduction. It aimed to build the capacity, skills and...

Youth Alive! Kenya June 5, 2019

Kenya Youth Network for Rio +20 and Beyond

Youth Alive! Kenya is part of the Kenya Youth Network for Rio +20 and Beyond. The Kenya Youth Network for...

Youth Alive! Kenya December 5, 2012