CALLING ALL Youth Alive! Kenya’s ALUMNI – Contributions

Mar 19, 2024 | Events | 0 comments

Youth Alive! Kenya is pleased to announce its 25th Anniversary which will be marked throughout the year 2024 under the hashtag #YouthAlive@25. As we approach this significant milestone of celebrating 25 years of Youth Alive! Kenya’s impactful work, we would like to  reconnect with our  alumni and beneficiaries – without whom our success story would be incomplete. 

Whether you were a past employee, partner,  or participant in our activities, your contributions have played a crucial role in shaping the legacy of Youth Alive! Kenya and we would love to hear your personal and professional insights, thoughts, and experiences with us. Your journey with Youth Alive! Kenya  is unique and we believe your story can inspire and resonate with others. If you have memories, anecdotes, pictures of reflection to share about how we have impacted you or influenced your personal and professional growth, we would love to hear from you via the following link by 9th of April 2024.  

Fill in the Form Here!

Your words and images will be an invaluable addition to our celebration, allowing us to showcase the diverse and impactful experiences of our alumni.  If you have any inquiries concerning the call or how to contribute to the #YouthAlive@25 anniversary, please contact communications@youthalivekenya.org 

Thank you to everyone that has been a part of Youth Alive! Kenya’s  journey over the past 25 years. We encourage you to share this with your network and we look forward to hearing from you as we celebrate this milestone together! 



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