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Youth Alive! Kenya (herein referred to as YAK) is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that advocates for and support youth participation in development processes. The organization was formally registered as a community-based group in April 1999 and a national NGO in December 2003.

Since its inception, YAK has worked in partnership with youth organization, privates sector and government to advocate for youth responsive policies, legislation, and program within Kenya in particular and Africa in general. The organization currently works with over seventy nine (79) youth organizations in fifteen (15) out of forty seven (47) counties in Kenya.

The current Strategic Plan (2015 – 2019) seeks to strengthen youth participation in development agenda in line to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targets at County, National, Regional and Global levels. It focuses on four thematic areas, namely: Health, Democracy and Governance, Justice and Human Right, and Livelihoods

YAK envisions “A society in which young people take active responsibility for their lives and shape their destiny and communities”. Our mission is to develop the abilities of young people to create and access opportunities that improve their lives and communities”.

  • We believe that the rights of young people are human rights;
  • We believe in the ability of young people to make informed decisions and take charge of the consequences of their decisions;
  • We value the uniqueness of young people with respect to their needs, access to and control of resources;
  • We respect and appreciate diversity in all its forms;
  • We believe in meaningful participation and inclusion;
  • We value integrity, honesty and accountability;
  • We value the unique insights, understanding and capabilities that reside within communities.



Youth Alive! Kenya is a model initiative and a demonstration of the Youth Alive! Kenya comprises two key organs – Executive Board & Secretariat. The Executive Board as the governing organ of Youth Alive! Kenya is responsible for all activities of the organisation. The Board makes executive decisions regarding the operations of the organisation. The Board currently comprises seven young professionals drawn from diverse backgrounds.

The Executive Board members are each responsible for a development component of Youth Alive! Kenya namely: Institutional Governance, Leadership Development, and Financial Sustainability & Self Reliance. The secretariat comprises the working office and handles day-to-day operations with a median age of 24 years and is currently a three-tier structure of Programmes, Partnerships & Institutional Development, and Finance & Administration. The Departments are supported by qualified staff and periodic interns and volunteers.

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