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My name is Ennie Makoni, a 26 year old Zimbabwean from the town of Kariba. I hold an Honors degree in Political Science from the University of Zimbabwe. I take keen interest in youth and women empowerment issues, particularly their participation in decision making and governance processes. I am a member and volunteer of Patsaka Trust, a community based organization which works to provide platforms for community participation in developmental issues which affect them. The issues range but are not limited to governance, health and human rights. As a pacesetter against patriarchy, advocating for transnational leadership, I foresee myself strategizing and negotiating for competitive space which elevates young people to hold public office and influence policy in Kariba and Zimbabwe at large. Inspired by different women leaders like Jacinda Arden, Diane Rwigara, Ennie Chipembere and Zaina Kombo who have sort to influence others, I am confident that I will achieve more than I dream of.

Participating in the South to South exchange program in Malawi has opened a new world of possibilities for me. The experience gave me an opportunity to self-actualize, particularly about my career path. I have realized that beyond activism, I really want to learn more about programming for youth focused projects so that I can pursue my passion professionally. I acquired a number of technical skills from the Centre for Youth Empowerment and Civic Education (CYECE) which I will continue developing in my quest to serve my generation. I also appreciated the beauty of African culture and the likeness of pressing issues like governance, youth participation and sexual reproductive health. I believe I have grown a lot through the exchange, in wisdom, competence and determination for change. This life changing opportunity has shown me that, indeed, the danger of a single story creates risks for critical misunderstanding about ourselves, other countries and cultures.