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KESYDO in conjuction with the Ministries of Education and Local Governments during the 2012 literacy day calebrations Kenya Slum Youths Development Organization (KESYDO) was initiated after Youth Employment summit Yes Kenya 2006,where some of its founders were delegates who after the summit used their inspiration from the sessions to be role models to the youths living in slums by starting this organization. The organization got registered officially by the NGO coordination board on March 2007, since then it has been carrying out its activities within Mukuru slums with an aim to improve the living standards of youths in the slums in conjunction with other youth organizations and Ministry of youths. Youths in the slums in the age bracket of 5-35 constitute majority of the Nairobi’s population. However they have remained on the periphery of the country’s affairs and their plight has not been accorded due recognition. They have been excluded from designing, planning and implementing programmes and policies that affect them at both community and national level. Many of these youths in the slums who are productive and energetic remain unemployed, continue to suffer from poor health, and lack sufficient support to advance their education or acquire skills that can make them employable. Some of them have special needs that require attention. These include those living on the streets, those living with HIV/AIDS, the girls and those with disabilities, drug addicts, school dropouts, orphans and unemployed youths KESYDO recognizes the fact the responsibility of ensuring that the aspirations and hopes of the youths in the slums are met cannot be left to a single a single stakeholder, the Ministry of Youth Affairs for instance. Everyone in the community, both young and old, have a role to play. It is for this reason that KESYDO, in conjunction with the government of Kenya through the Ministry of Youths and other stakeholders have embarked on improving and bettering the welfare of youths in the slums. KESYDO recognizes that youths in slums are the key resource that can be tapped for the benefit of the whole country. Thus, KESYDO endeavors to address issues affecting youths in the slums by providing broad based strategies to give them meaningful opportunities to reach their maximum potential. KESYDO provides abroad framework within which all stakeholders, including the public sector, the private sector and civil society can contribute to the development of the young people in slums.