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Youth Alive! Kenya announces a new project

Young people in Kenya and Norway have an opportunity to enhance their capacity as youth Alive! Kenya announces the finalization of an agreement for a new project in partnership with the Norwegian youth and children council.

Announcing the project called the Youth’s right to participation this morning, the executive director at Youth Alive! Kenya, Gideon Ayodo said that the project will see young people from Kenya and Norway get training as they work in Norway. After their academic residency in Norway, the participants from Kenya will be expected to return and continue working in Kenya using the skills obtained.

He said that the project whose first round will also double up as the pilot is expected to commence in the month of August 2016. He noted that the main objective of the project is to build the capacity of young people to contribute to the SDGs number 10 and 16 on youth participation. Consequently he said, this will go a long way in curbing youth radicalization and vulnerability to being recruited to extremist groups.