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Wezesha Jamii is a project that aims to enhance socio-economic empowerment of poor and vulnerable urban women dependent on the informal economy. Since 2015, Oxfam in partnership with YAK, National Organization of Peer Educators (NOPE) and SITE Enterprise Promotion have been implementing the four years project with financial support from European Union for the benefit of the poor and vulnerable women domestic workers (WDWs) and women small scale traders (WSSTs) living in Nairobi city’s informal settlements. The project is being implemented by four key partners in 5 informal settlements in ( Kawangware, Kibera, Mathare, Mukuru and Korogocho). The focus result areas are:

Result 1: Increased livelihood opportunities and social support options of women target groups.

Result 2: Greater equity and resilience of women target groups.

Result 3: Women target groups empowered about their rights and having a collective voice.

Result 4: Government and other stakeholders well informed and delivering their responsibilities with increased efficiency.

The target group is Women domestic workers: 10,000 women that rely on informal domestic work as main source of income, lack appropriate technical skills on household work and negotiation skills and suffer injustices in the course of their work. Selected because of their extreme poverty and vulnerability. Women small scale traders: 20,000 women that operate small informal enterprises from temporary spaces as their main sources of income.