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This project seeks to  strengthen capacity of Kiambu Working Group to effectively engage County Government for quality delivery of services. This objective is to strengthen the capacities of targeted youth community-based civil society organization within Kiambu County.  In particular, this project will enhance skills and knowledge in networking, social accountability, and democratic governance. With increased capacities, the members’ of the Kiambu Working Group will further facilitate communities to advocate for participation and good governance at the county levels. The Working Group will also facilitate in participatory planning, monitoring, implementing and evaluating of county development initiatives using rights-based approaches to identify root causes of poor governance, to empower rights-holders to claim their rights and to enable duty-bearers to meet their obligations.

The project also seeks to strengthen the capacity of youth to effectively participate and influence County Government processes. This objective aims to build the capacity of 19,200 youth mobilized through the Kiambu County Working Group. The working group is constituted by the 15 local NSAs from four Sub-Counties namely Kiambu (4 wards), Kiambaa (5 wards), Kikuyu (5 wards) and Kabete (5 wards). The project will use the Working Group to mobilize project, information outreach/ awareness, and influencing. Each of the organization within the working group will develop a plan to purposefully target and reach 1,280 beneficiaries with information on citizen right and responsibility for public participation in the PEM cycle/process and social accountability. Fundamentally, it will build advocacy and influence the capacity of the youths to engage Kiambu County in the identifying and prioritize issues in the sectors of interest.