We are ready for a new round of our exchange program Right to Participate! This means that we need new participants who will work with youth on radicalization and violent extremism in both Norway and Kenya. You will work in a team along with two Norwegian participants, from our partner organization LNU.

We are looking for applicants who are:

-Between 20 and 28 years of age
-Active in or have a background in one of YAK’s member organizations
-interested to learn more about youth and radicalization
-Speak good English
-Enjoy working in teams

A team of four will work together on the goal to increase youth participation in communities. During the exchange, you will learn more about what contributes to violent extremism, various mechanisms for youth participation and you will also gain expertise in inter-cultural communication and organizational development.
the current Participants have been working to increase voter turnout among young people in the in Kenya, getting young people to exercise their voting rights, and help to influence policies locally. is seen as an important measure to prevent social exclusion.

Throughout their stay in Norway, participants continue to receive training on the various topics, learn a lot about youth, radicalization and violent extremism, and visit a number of local projects and organizations.

Please find the Application Form