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This interactive online platform has been established for gathering and disseminating best practices, case studies, reporting on violence against women and youth in politics and governance.

Media Center of Excellence contains information of some profiled 2017 youth political aspirants and highlights of electoral malpractices in several counties.


Ahmed Mohamed Athman; MCA Aspirant Tononoka Ward, Mombasa County; Maendelo Chap Chap Party

I began active politics in 2012 and got elected as a youth leader of the location. I am now vying for the Member of County Assembly seat in Tononoka ward under the Jubilee party ticket. My main agenda is to transform the education, environment, health facilities, youth, women and persons with disabilities empowerment sectors. Fear not the choice is yours!


Alice Wajewa Odek ;  MCA Aspirant Nyalenda B ward, Kisumu County; Independent Candidate

I am an aspirant as a Member of County Assembly (MCA) of Nyalenda B Ward, Kisumu Central constituency, Kisumu County. I have been a leader in various capacities seek your vote to represent your interests at the county level. I hold a Diploma in physiological counseling and as. Female aspirant, my political ambitions are driven by the passion I have for development change in Nyalenda B Ward. I commit to deliver transformative leadership through improved water and sanitation, linkages of youth to tertiary institutions for vocational training and Women empowerment through different Social and Livelihoods engagement.


Annastasia Wanjiru Ndugu; MCA Aspirant Juja Ward, Kiambu County; PNU Party

I was born and bred in Juja. I am mother of one and hold a Bachelors Degree in Commerce Human Resource from KCA University. I have been actively involved in community activities, youth leadership and currently the Chief Whip, Kiambu County Inter Party Youth Forum.


Astario Ingati ; MCA Aspirant ; Shirere Ward, Kakamega County; ANC Party

I feel the current leader is a letdown and after being elected he only comes to ground during the election period with no development done. I aspire to change the mindset of the people through development project and involvement of the youth and women through Saccos and groups to empower them and bring growth to Kiplombe ward am vying for the M.C.A


Athman Rama Mwamiri ; MCA Aspirant Likoni Ward, Mombasa County; ODM Party

I am a male youth aspiring for the ward representative seat in Likoni. My leadership journey and passion for politics go way back from high school where I was crowned ‘Excellent member of the debate club.’ I have participated as a facilitator during the 2007 URAIA (NCEP 2) program under Supkem. I worked alongside various politicians including the Mombasa County Women Representative as the county office manager. Being a dedicated, honest and hardworking, I have received support from the residents and I have the courage to lead them. #TunatendaWanaiga


Brian Otieno Jobita ; MCA Aspirant Nyalenda A ward, Kisumu County; Safina Party

I am vying for the Nyalenda A ward MCA position as the incumbent have created and perfected nepotism and favoritism which has seen the locals can’t afford the minimum standards of living. This has led to increase of insecurity, poor education result and vicious cycle of poverty. I seek to end this and be a better leader for Nyalenda A residents.


Cecilia Ayot ; MCA Aspirant Laini Saba Ward, Nairobi County; ODM Party

I was born and raised in Kibera. I am a proud mother of 5 children and additional 3 who are adopted. I have been involved in community development work for over 15 years and the resilience nature of the people I serve has always been my source of inspiration. I have acquired skills in various fields such as catering, hairdressing, fashion and design, human resource management, government economic policy county management and an understanding of the Kenyan constitution 2010. I have engaged in meaningful projects aimed at addressing social, political and economic disparities in the society. I am the Founder and Director of St. Martin’s School which offers subsidiary education to destitute children orphaned and from single parent families. I am geared towards supporting key pillar encountered in the constitution.


Dennis Duncan Muhanda;MCA Aspirant;Mahiakalo Ward; Kakamega County ; ANC

I am aspiring to be the MCA for Mahiakalo Ward as I seek to promote governance in my ward more than my current MCA is doing it. I am also inspired in promotion of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 on Representation and Legislation of laws that will help our people and doing oversight.


Duncan Onyango Oduo ; MCA Aspirant Nyalenda B Ward, Kisumu County; Independent Candidate

I am a young Kenyan born and bred in Kisumu County. I see myself as Kenyan of the future, young, educated, widely travelled, and connected, confident and ready to take risks. My quest to represent and serve the good people of Nyalenda B was launched in 2010 after the promulgation of the new constitution. I have served and represented the voiceless in different capacities of leadership where I have encountered challenges and successes in equal measures having made networks both locally and internationally. I believe in emerging generational shift in leadership but that alone will not mean much unless the bar is raised for future leaders. That is why we need a solid crop of new leadership of our generation in this election cycle so that they can benchmark for what a good leader is for 2017. The experience gained is enough to make a case when I get elected as a representative of the people of Nyalenda B ward in the county assembly of Kisumu.


Daniel Otieno ; MCA Aspirant Eastleigh South Ward, Nairobi County; Independent Candidate

I am currently the chairperson of Nairobi Slums Leaders Assembly (NASLA) an organization founded to deliberate on issues and coordinate activities pertaining to governance, constitutionalism, democratization and human rights. My vision as an Independent candidate is to positively transform Eastleigh South, bring hope to the people and include everyone in matters of development


Everline Matandi ; MCA Aspirant Mtopanga Ward, Mombasa County; Jubilee Party

I joined politics in 2010 for the first time as a campaigner. I am vying for the Member of County Assembly seat in Mtopanga ward, Kisauni constituency under the Jubilee arty ticket. So God help me!   #MabadilikoNiSasa


Grant Obunga Kirowo ; MCA Aspirant Nyalenda B Ward, Kisumu County; Wiper Party

I am aspiring to be the MCA for Nyalenda B ward as I seek to promote governance in my ward more than how my current MCA is doing it. I am also inspired in promotion of the Constitution of Kenya 2010 on Representation and Legislation of laws that will help our people and doing oversight. My aspiration also comes on providing equity to my people and facilitates youths, women and the marginalized in the society.


Humphrey Beti Liyayi ; MCA Aspirant Kilimani ward, Nairobi County; Amani National Congress Party

I am an enthusiastic, reliable, dependable young man aspiring to be The MCA in Kilimani ward, Nairobi County under the Amani National Congress party. I am a team leader who has been empowering the community in the areas of job creation, education and disaster management. Moreover I have a soft spot for the less fortunate in the society. I believe that I am the best person to run for this ward through my expertise and past experience. Best leaders are sent by God and I believe I have been sent to create change.


Joseph Ndungu Kimani ; MCA Aspirant Karuri ward, Kiambu County; Mwangaza Daima Party

I was born in Born in Kiambaa, Kiambu.I started school at Kibubuti primary school and later joined Aberdare Technical High school.  I am a fourth born in a family of six. In 2011, I was elected as the youth leader in my sub location through national youth council. I am also the Founder member of Hope Youth Sport Center based at Banana town. I m a qualified football coach and referee as well.


Mohamed Farid ; MCA Aspirant Mjambere ward, Mombasa County; Jubilee Party

I first declared my political desire in 2016 although ever since the university I always had a passion to join politics. I am vying for the Member of County Assembly seat in Mjambere ward, Kisauni because I want to transform the poor leadership that we currently have. I am grateful because I have had both young people, elders and older people support my vision. I have done several projects with the youth such as organizing youth tournaments, sponsoring football clubs by providing jerseys and sponsoring needy students to join high school. I have visions and ambitions to make my ward a better place. I have confidence that I will win the 2017 elections.


Naomy Mueni Muli ; MCA Aspirant California ward, Nairobi County; Maendelo Chap Chap

I am a resident of California ward and an opinion leader in the same ward. I have been the Constituency Development Fund Committee (CDFC) secretary and the Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA) vice chairperson in Kamukunji constituency for the last 4 years. I am vying for the Member of County Assembly (MCA) seat in California ward because I noticed a lot of challenges within our ward that cannot be addressed at the mentioned levels. Kindly support my desire to redefine the future of our people for this time ‘its people and development before politics.’  Facebook: Naomy Muli


Omaria James ; MCA Aspirant Nabiswa Ward ; Ford Kenya Party

I am vying for the M.C.A Nabiswa ward because I want to bring change that the community yearns for and the transformative leadership that involves all in the community


Roseline Arshley Ochuka ; MCA Aspirant Kwa-Njenga ward, Nairobi County; Chama Ya Mwangaza

I am ambitious, courageous, determined and a focused young woman who has decided to turn her dreams into reality. I was born and bred in Jamhuri Nairobi area and spent most of my time as a youth in Kwa-Njenga. I joined politics in 2002 as a campaigner but in 2017 I said ‘ARSHLEY TOSHA.’ Todate, Kwa-Njenga has seen my projects.  I have supported Kwa-Njenga’s most needy kids and currently have over 68 pre-primary and primary school kids sponsored in the best schools around. The schools with kids under my support include Kids of Hope Academy Kwa-Njenga, Twiddle Pips Academy and Optima Academy. I believe that good foundation in education is everything a child needs. I believe in REAL CHANGE.


Simon Mwaura ; MCA Aspirant Ndenderu Ward, Kiambu County; Independent Candidate

I am a competent young man who is reliable, trustworthy, numerate and meticulous and is ready to work at all levels of difficulty. I have worked at Angaza Africa Foundation s a civic educator and I am also the founding Director of Xtrovates graphics. I have been a Committee member of the County Bursary Bommittee, County Coordinator Kiambu Youth Bunge Forum and National Youth Council Delegate(NYC).


Tabitha Wairimu Wanjiru ; MCA Aspirant Ngewa Ward, Kiambu County; PNU Party

I am a community development and social work professional. I am  34 years old, a community worker and a social champion for children. I have been working as a volunteer in children and youth matters for the last 15 years within kiambu county. I have Participated in formation of ministry of youth affairs in 2005-2006. I have been learning children feeding program and physio-social support program for children in need of care since 2004. I have also been a national youth council delegate since 2011. Represented the youth in the NCCK since 2010 to date and dabble up as a constituency organizer.


Tony Makau (Amigo’s) ; MCA Aspirant Machakos Central Ward, Machakos County ; Jubilee Party

My Aspirations for political office is to implement the government policies to my people, Bring social transformation change and empower the people of Machakos Central Ward and adequate representation from the ward to the national level


Victoria Zillah ;  MCA Aspirant ; Shirere Ward , Kakamega County ; Independent Candidate

I am a young woman from Kakamega County. I started on this journey in 2015 where I have been able to empower young women on reproductive health and equip them with skills. I also empower youths who have been in crime to reform start small scale business and initiated a group to improve their lives, I am vying as for the MCA seat in Shirere Ward, Kakamega County as an Independent. I believe in change and I know that I can bring change in my ward. I am the change we want.


Wanjiru Karigi ; MCA Aspirant Cianda Ward, Kiambu County; Maendeleo Chap Chap Party

I am fondly known by my supporters due to my sense of purpose even at such a young age. We have to be the change we want. I am a youth with a vision because I want to show youths and women as well that we are capable .The leadership we wish for tomorrow we got the power to make it happen  ,we need to implement change now, today ! by electing young new power.
Having being raised and schooled in Cianda , I intimately understands and connects with issues affecting the Ward and can’t wait to tackle them. I am in the race because i have a clear vision for Cianda. I believe I am the best placed to make real difference.


Zugwe Mohamed Suya ; MCA Aspirant Likoni ward, Mombasa County; Maendelo Chap Chap

I have been an activist since 2010. My courage and ambition in politics makes me feel that my people deserve better. I started garbage collection in my ward so as to create some small scale business for my fellow youths to earn some income. I am vying for the Member of County Assembly seat in Shikaadabu ward and am hoping that my people are ready to be served by the young generation. #PamojaTunaweza[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]