Youth Alive! Kenya upholds and aggressively pursues partnerships and builds alliances with other actors in our areas of work. Over the years, the partnerships have allowed us to work together with different actors towards a shared goal by coordinating strategies and pooling resources. In partnership with the National Council of Swedish Youth Organizations (LSU), Youth Alive! Kenya implemented the Tackling Poverty Together project in Kenya. Other participating countries included Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. The project succeeded in strengthening young people’s role in development policies in general and poverty reduction strategies (PRSPs) and inculcating a youth perspective in poverty reduction. The project engaged over 500 youths from Nairobi, taking their perspectives on poverty eradication and building their capacity on poverty alleviation.

In partnership with World Comics Finland, Youth Alive! Kenya taught the method of grassroots comics to 18 activists from Youth Alive! Kenya’s own programmes and network of NGOs as well as trained them to independently run comic workshops for young people and other groups through the World Comics Finland Grassroots comic project. The project empowered the 18 young activists at grassroots level to use grassroots comics to express their opinions in campaigns and as a tool in advocacy programmes and to promote civic awareness and human rights.

Youth Alive! Kenya is part of the Kenya Youth Network for Rio +20 and Beyond. This was a network formed after the Organization of African Youth in partnership with Youth Alive! Kenya and Peace Child International convened the Kenya Youth Strategy Meeting for Rio+20 in October 2011. The Kenya Youth Network for Rio +20 and Beyond is a national consortium of youth organizations committed to promote creativity and innovations that will develop a Green Economy that results in the eradication of poverty and ultimately sustainable development. The Network has to advocated, mobilized and provided young people with a platform to actively participate in the follow process for Rio+20. It also seeks to advocate for long term national transitional plan towards a green economy in Kenya.

Youth Alive! Kenya has engaged KIOS in a partnership programme to see a strengthened civil society and human rights movement in Kenya enabling human rights actors to deliver work that has significant impact within society, the Partnership Programme foresees enhanced capacity of small human organizations as human rights actors and as competent institutions effectively engaging with their communities and governments in the protection and promotion of human rights; broad-based collaboration among small human rights actors and with more experienced actors enabling shared learning and growth.