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Embracing diversity in its truest form, the Youth Alive! Kenya team represents a spectrum of socio-cultural and professional diversity and gender parity. The organization struggles to maintain gender parity, cultural responsiveness and demographic relevance without compromising on technical competence. As per this, we seek to provide opportunities for qualified young people to apply their technical skills and personal abilities in development work.

Youth Alive! Kenya secretariat is a multidisciplinary team of radiant, dynamic and highly talented young people. Displaying diversity in interest and skill, the team boasts an array of professionals from sociologists, to psychologists, accountants, lawyers, IT and development specialists. Read profiles of individuals currently comprising the Youth Alive! Kenya team.

Levi Juma – Project Coodinator
Levi is an experienced Community and Youth development practitioner with over five years’ experience in project implementation and community engagements at both the local and national levels. This experience having being gained by working in the marginalized communities and networking with various government institutions. He also has experience in Lobbying and Advocacy, reporting and Data collection through baseline surveys as we as skills in Organizational Development, Capacity Building of County Government Staff on various youth thematic issues with a focus on Youth Led and Youth Centered Development, with specialties also in Youth Entrepreneurship, and Skills Development, Governance and Networking.