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National Council of Swedish Youth Organisations, LSU

The National Council of Swedish Youth Organisations (LSU) gathers Sweden’s youth organisations to collectively improve the conditions for youth organisations, in Sweden and on a global level.

National Council of Swedish Youth Organisations, LSU
LSU consists of 84 independent, democratic constructed, national youth organisations. We are a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organisation, consisting of and working for youth organisations. LSU is a meeting place for young people and youth organisations where they can acquire knowledge, contacts and experience.

Our work is divided into three areas: Organisation & leadership, Policy & advocacy and Global development. By providing trainings and conferences for young leaders, enable cooperation with other organisations (national or/and international) we ensure that young people are involved in decision-making, in Sweden and the world.

Member organisations
Among our members are organisations working in a wide range of areas based on interests, politics, religion, ethnicity, sexuality or functionality. We are all young and we all want change, to socialize and develop.

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Contact our office at info@lsu.se or 08-672 66 70. You can find our board members here >> and the office staff here >>