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 My name is Valma Chepchumba, 27 years old from Kenya. I am the first born girl in my family and the former Miss Tourism Bungoma County. Holder of bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology. I would describe myself more as an ambitious, courageous, adventurous, charismatic and adaptable young woman. I am a young leader who is passionate about Youth and women empowerment.

The journey through my education and career, and past challenging environments in my marginalized community, Has made me see myself as a strong woman who will empower and transform the lives of other women and youth in my community, who are going through different challenges .

I am a member of booth North Rift Theatre Ambassadors (NORTA) in Uasin Gishu County, and Mazingira Bora in Transnzoia, where our main focus is on empowerment and talent development,  County where we focus on Environmental programs.

South to south exchange program has been more than an eye opener to me. I got the opportunity to be hosted in Malawi by Centre for youth Empowerment and Civic Education (CYECE). Malawi is known as the warm heart of Africa, the love and solidarity in communities is exceptional, involvement of youth in development processes from the local government up-to the National government is an indication of how important youth are to a community and a country.

My first observation when I got to my host county was more on women and it was a clear that women in Malawi are getting more empowered. I have gained skills both professionally and socially, that has been attributed to the engagements at CYECCE through interactions with different groups and attending various meetings.

 Maya Angelou’s quote”If you get, give and if you learn, teach. Is my everyday drive.