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Background of Wezesha Jamii Project

Youth Alive! Kenya (YAK) is implementing the Wezesha Jamii project in partnerships with Oxfam, National Organization of Peer Educators (NOPE) and SITE Enterprise Promotion. The project is funded by the European Union (EU). The Wezesha Jamii project has an overall objective of contributing to the achievement of secure and productive lives of vulnerable population dependent on the informal economy in urban Nairobi by empowering women domestic workers (WDWs) and small traders (WSSTs) economically and socially to attain better livelihoods for themselves and their dependants in five Nairobi informal settlements namely; Mukuru, Kibera, Korogocho, Mathare, Kawangware.

The project is expected to lead to these four results: 1). Increased livelihood opportunities and social support options of women target groups. 2). Greater equity and resilience of women target groups. 3): Women target groups empowered about their rights and having a collective voice. Result 4): Government and other stakeholders well informed and delivering their responsibilities with increased efficiency. At the start, the project conducted a baseline survey through research and visual documentary to understand the situation of the project beneficiaries, WSSTs and WDWs. Currently, the project is at the midway and it is against this backdrop that Youth Alive! Kenya is seeking for the support of an external consultant to document the change through visual documentary among the WSSTs and WDWs who have benefited through a range of interventions by Oxfam, YAK, NOPE and SITE.

Purpose of the consultancy

The purpose of this consultancy is to document visual progress from the baseline towards achievement of the project expected results at end of the project. The documentary will capture testimonies of the target WDWs and WSSTs who have benefited from the project through the intervention by the four project partners, Oxfam, YAK, NOPE and SITE.

Overall Objective

The objective of the consultancy is to produce two documentaries (with 2 promotional versions) on Wezesha Jamii’s stories of change from the target beneficiaries. One documentary shall focus on WSSTs and the other on WDWs highlighting and communicating change in livelihood and resilience of target women and their families.


Specific Objectives

  1. To showcase and highlight the project impact by the Wezesha Jamii partners, the transformation in the lives of the beneficiaries and the effectiveness of strategic partnerships.

For long-term sustainability, the product will be used by partners and target women to raise awareness and gain more support about women’s rights issues. The product shall also showcase tangible results of EU funded work in the informal settlements of Kenya beyond project implementation phase.

Please find the detailed TOR document here.. TOR DOCUMENTARY- 2018– pdf