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Barclays Bank launches mobile point of sale device

Written by MARGARET NJUGUNAH // February 24, 2016

NAIROBI, Kenya, Feb 24 – Barclays Bank Kenya has introduced a new mobile card payment solution through the launch of the Barclays mobile point of sale device.

The small phone like GPRS device accepts all Visa, MasterCard and AMEX cards as a payment option on the go.

According to the bank’s Managing Director Jeremy Awori, the device is ideal for making card payments for home deliveries, transportation and entertainment spots among others.

“Barclays Bank of Kenya is proud to be the first bank in Africa to be launching the Barclays Mobile Point of Sale (MPOS), which is our response to the growing demand for mobile based payment solutions,” he said.

All transactions processed through the MPOS terminal will have the same collection guarantee as that of a traditional Point of Sale system.

Additionally, payments made through the MPOS terminal will adhere to the same Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards adopted by major card schemes including Visa, MasterCard and American Express in order to protect customer data.

To test the device, Barclays Bank has partnered with Pewin Taxi Cab Company in its pilot project.

According to Awori, the pilot project will be a true projection of how necessary the card is in the Kenyan market.

“Imagine a tourist who’s just landed into the country and does not know where to change his money. The only thing he has is his MasterCard. That is where we come in with the Barclays mobile point of sale device as the person needs only to render their card and acquire taxi services,” he explained.

The service comes at a time when Barclays Bank is celebrating a 100 years since entering the Kenyan market.

On hitting the milestone, Awori says that Kenya should expect more innovative products from the bank with special interest in the youth, women among other groups.

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