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Streamline Youth Fund


The Youth Enterprise Development Fund, a potentially useful vehicle the government intended to identify, organise, tap, and harness the talents and enterprise of youth for their own development is being needlessly bogged down.

It has in recent times been embroiled in boardroom wars that have made it almost impossible for the organisation to concentrate on delivering on its real mandate.

Youth and women are two segments of the society that have, for years, been crying out for affirmative action as they have been traditionally marginalised in the allocation of resources.

The fund was a pragmatic response to the perennial problem of youth unemployment. It was meant to enable lending to youth for individual and group projects as part of the wider effort to alleviate poverty.

With the young people engaged in relentless fights for the leadership of the fund, it is highly unlikely that they will fully take advantage of the special programmes that have been set aside for them. It is through this organisation that youth should be mobilised to participate in projects for their economic empowerment by taking up the sizeable quota of government contracts and other business openings set aside for them.

Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs Cabinet Secretary Sicily Kariuki’s intervention to help streamline the management of the fund is timely.

The plan to appoint a substantive CEO should be expedited so that the new leadership can effectively guide the organisation.

The game of musical chairs at the fund is not helping anybody as no meaningful work can be done in such a fluid situation.

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