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Do not be exploited, Nairobi youth told

By JULIUS OTIENO | Mar. 02, 2016, 5:00 am

YOUTH in Nairobi yesterday were cautioned against being used by politicians to engage in violence.

County Youth Board chairman Jonah Onyango said violence witnessed in Huruma and Kariobangi are a clear indication youth are manipulated by politicians.

“Our youth must be very careful. They should not allow themselves to be used by politicians,” he said.

Onyango was addressing the press at City Hall.

He urged police to investigate and arrest those who caused violence.

On Monday, violence broke out after youth from rival political camps accused each other of “importing” people from upcountry to register as voters in the city.

On Sunday, one person was injured when a war over voter importation broke out in Huruma.

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